LSESD strives to influence the community through equipping leaders for effective and collaborative service, often in highly challenging contexts; developing tools and resources for capacity building of local churches and community-based organizations; raising awareness and addressing issues of poverty, vulnerability and the right to education for all, especially students with learning difficulties, are rapidly growing ways through which we express our values.

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Organizational Development - LSESD’s team is its main asset! Therefore, investing in staff development is incredibly important to us. Your contribution will go towards training workshops around specific skills that enable LSESD remain relevant and effective such as: strategic thinking, problem solving, decision making, creative thinking…Operational support - As the parent organization, LSESD provides financial, operational and developmental support to its different specialized “arms” and programmes. Your contribution will support LSESD as it seeks to constantly improve organizational effectiveness and, hence, its responsiveness to the needs of both Church and community.Campus development: From grey to Green - Due to issues dating back to the civil war (1975 to 1990), the electricity supply in Lebanon is unreliable and incredibly expensive with many, including LSESD, paying not only for the regular service but also for self-generation. LSESD want to reduce our campus’ sizeable annual electricity cost and our carbon footprint by installing a Photovoltaic system (PV system) to produce clean electricity from solar power in addition to implementing energy conservation measures. This project will benefit several LSESD ministries that are hosted on this campus including the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, SKILD Center for children with learning difficulties , MERATH, and Baptist Children and Youth Ministry. The expected useful life of the project is 25 years and the expected yearly energy savings are close to 45%. A 10 year green loan from the Lebanese Central Bank is covering 77% of the total cost. Help us raise the remaining balance of $92,000 to complete the project!General Expenses - To support the general ministry expenses of LSESD.Where the need is most - The current most urgent need.

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