With your support children and young people, often with troubled pasts and backgrounds, can experience unconditional love and hope for the future through the inspiring and fun programs and activities led by the Baptist Children and Youth Ministry (BCYM).

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Spiritual and Recreational Camps for Vulnerable Children ($130/child; 80 Children/camp) - Enable BCYM to deliver a message of love to disadvantaged children and provide activities that help meet their spiritual, emotional, physical, and recreational needs. Your gift will help fund our popular 3-day Camps which introduce children to Biblical values such as compassion, grace, peace, justice, acceptance of others and forgiveness and by doing so counter the violent messages of extreme groups in this region.One day Kids Clubs for Camp participants ($1,000/event) - An essential addition to our Camps is our program of regular 1-day kids’ clubs, which enable us to build on relationships with the children first developed during the camps. Through these longer-term relationships, the children learn to trust us more and we can minister to them on a deeper level. Your gift will help cover the costs of these follow-up events which includes transportation, food, equipment and materials.Regular ministry for children at the Home of Hope ($1,000/event) - The Home of Hope is a secure residential home in Beirut for children aged from 3 to 18 years. They may be former street children, orphans or have suffered many years of abuse and all have very broken childhoods. We visit at least twice per month to minister to these children through a range of spiritual and recreational activities. Your gift will help us give these vulnerable children much needed love, support and hope.Friends of BCYM - Give a monthly donation to share joy, hope, and love with vulnerable refugee and street children in Lebanon and receive regular prayer updates from BCYM.Youth Conference ($3,800/event) - As young people’s identities and values are being shaped, we want to provide them with a program that acknowledges the challenges and temptations of their stage in life and of the society they live in, while at the same time celebrating their potential. Your gift will enable us to hold 3 1-day Christian Youth Conferences this year for youths aged 17 to 35. The conferences will give these young people the opportunity to discuss and reflect on topics relevant to their daily lives.Youth Leaders retreat ($5,000) - Local volunteers are vital for the success of BCYM children activities. Your gift will enable us organize a 2-day retreat for our volunteers that they can be refreshed in their service to vulnerable children and refugees.General Expenses - To support the general ministry expenses of the Baptist Children and Youth Ministries.Where the need is most - The current most urgent need.

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